MEET Taylor


Butler PA! Just north of Pittsburgh.


song that gets you do-ing?

Still not sick of any song from Bruno mars' 24k magic album...


best thing you #janedid?

Moved to NYC to pursue my dreams! 


top of your to-do list?

Travel the world, open a photo studio, dance for beyonce ;) 


guilty pleasure?!

Halo top ice cream while watching horror films


who is your best friend?

My boyfriend of 6 years, Ben! 


Your greatest strength?

I think my greatest strength is my independence, organizational skills, and ability to set goals and get shit done.


where do you find your strength?

I find my strength by being grateful, counting my blessings, and trusting in the universe.



I'm a photographer and graphic designer (for Jane Do too!)


Worth it splurge?

A good pair of LaDucas!


vacation destination?

Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands this past year... 
Next stop, Ireland & Scotland


latest thing you googled?

How to use baking soda in the laundry, lol!

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