MEET renee


Somerville, NJ 

song that gets you do-ing?

Devil Went Down to Georgia 

best thing you #janedid?

Committed to making a donation every month, whether it's time, money, clothes, household items, even hair. It reminds me that there's always work to be done and how lucky I am to be in a position to help others.  

top of your to-do list?

Superhero photoshoot!  

guilty pleasure?!

I try not to feel guilty about pleasure... maybe fictional universes like Superhero movies, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. I dress up for comic cons, can spend hours arguing fan theories and cry over fictional characters. 
I'm desperately waiting for my own superpowers to kick in... 

who is your best friend?

My darling, Toni goes out of her way to make me feel loved and that who I am and what I'm feeling is always okay. She's the kind of friend I try to be. 

Your greatest strength?

I have a very systematic way of approaching things. 
Once I get something down to a repeatable, scalable system, I'm unstoppable.  

where do you find your strength?

Remembering times when I doubted, but surprised myself.
"You didn't think you could do that either. COME ON!" 


Salsa dancing! 

Worth it splurge?

Traveling to see friends. 

vacation destination?

There was a bowl of black truffle pasta in Rome... I still daydream about it.
My attempts to re-create it have been tragically sub-par,
so I would go back just for that. 

latest thing you googled?

"Transformer Dinosaur" for my nephew's birthday.
I still have no idea what he's talking about.

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