MEET Morgan


Concord, NH


song that gets you do-ing?

Early 2000s hip hop, and allllll the Chris Brown songs!


best thing you #janedid?

Pursue my childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer in NYC
(it really happened... eek!)


top of your to-do list?

Organize my closet


guilty pleasure?!

Getting ice cream with my boyfriend... frequently! Oh, and naps! 


who is your best friend?

My mom! Hi mom, i love you!


Your greatest strength?

Independence, resilience, finding/spreading positive and badass vibes!


where do you find your strength?

On the dance floor or spending time with my family



Professional napper... I can make myself fall asleep anytime, anywhere


Worth it splurge?

Spray tans! Gotta love a fresh glow.


vacation destination?

Greece! But any country outside of the US would be exciting


latest thing you googled?

Nail art. A badass manicure can help you rule the room ;)