MEET Genna


Mahwah, NJ


song that gets you do-ing?

Ariana's new "No Tears Left To Cry"


best thing you #janedid?

Started a career in fitness  


top of your to-do list?

To enjoy each day as it comes!


guilty pleasure?!



who is your best friend?

My sister Tori


Your greatest strength?

My will to work for something 


where do you find your strength?

From all the beautiful and inspiring Janes around me!!



Eating really fast! 


Worth it splurge?

An almond milk latte!


vacation destination?



latest thing you googled?


If yoga, dance, and sunshine had a baby it would be Genna. But don’t be fooled by her warm disposition, she can serve up a killer class bound to get anyone’s heart pumping and booty burning!

genna bw.jpg