Philly, PA 

Song that gets you do-ing?

The Roots Seeds 2.0 is my JAM!! Well actually, anything on the Phrenology Album, or anything Led Zeppelin.

Best thing you #janedid?

Whoa that’s pretty heavy - maybe making the Dean's list every semester in college. Or taking care of my grandmother in her final years - that was probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

TOP of your to-do list?

TRAVEL!! I haven’t been very many places, and I’d love to step foot on every continent.

Guilty pleasure?

WINE!!! and sleep! I love my wine…and I could sleep all day if my schedule would allow it. Oh and young adult novels like Twilight… I love that crap.

Best friend?

I have a few goodies. My oldest friend I’ve had since I was 5, she is my sister and my rock. She tells it like it is and keeps me in check when I need it. Another is a friend I met while dancing for the 76ers, the second I met her I fell in love with her spirit and soul. Im honored that she feels the same to be honest. Those two are my homies for life. My journal or whatever book I’m reading at the time is a close third, nerdy but true.

what is your greatest strength?

My ability to adapt. Life hasn’t always been easy and for most it usually isn’t. I move forward quickly and pick myself up from my boot straps if I have to. This strength has served quite useful. It’s also a bit of a weakness I guess. Being able to move on quickly from hardship also keeps me a bit guarded, but hey no one is perfect.


I like myself. It may sound silly, but generally I like who I am. I believe in kindness and equality and love. I try to treat each person with dignity and respect. I am smart and like to laugh and I see the world as full of color and light. I am far from perfect, but at the end of the day I feel like I’m on the right track, this is where true strength comes from. I trust myself. I trust my values. I trust my ability to grow into a better version of myself, this is what pushes me and guides me. I am not insecure in my ability to think or do. I am secure enough to ask for help when I need it and to pray pray pray on it when I need the universe to guide me. Learning to accept and love yourself, flaws included, is extremely powerful. 

Hidden talent?

I guess Im a bit of an actor. I love recording myself doing monologues (oh my god don’t tell anyone that!!).  Haha, but seriously, I love accents and voices and would love to be an actor in my next life. I can also carry a bit of a tune. Im not auditioning for The Voice anytime soon, but I can give you a mean Happy Birthday.


Hmmm. I'm honestly not a big shopper, but I have no problem spending a pretty penny on a good meal with friends. Bring on the bottles of good wine and desserts! I never feel guilty about spending money on a nice dinner.


I went to Cuba when I was 18 with my school. I lived with a family and spent 2 weeks volunteering with the Quaker community there. I’d love to go back now and actually see Havana (which we didn’t travel to) to experience the music and culture as an adult. 

What is the last thing you googled?

Damn I wish this was more exciting, but the honest answer is postage stamps.

Get inspired by Edgewater studio’s down to earth Philly-girl boss babe.  She may be a pacifist, but Cristin will help you tap into your inner Rocky Balboa with her heavy hitting sweat sessions.  Nowhere near Edge? No worries! You can check out her posts in our monthly newsletter #GRLTLK.

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