MEET bridgid


Westwood, NJ 


song that gets you do-ing?

Army of Me by Bjork


best thing you #janedid?

I went to Hong Kong for a short vacation, but then got a job and lived there for 2 years. 


top of your to-do list?

Make time to read more books! 


guilty pleasure?!

Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels


who is your best friend?

My dog Monty!


Your greatest strength?

I’m empathetic and positive. If you share with me about your bad day I’ll listen, identify, then tell you how great you are and mean every word of it. 


where do you find your strength?



I’m excellent at parallel parking.


Worth it splurge?

Traveling outside the USA. 


vacation destination?



latest thing you googled?

The phone number to the West New York police department to have a car towed that was parked in front of my driveway. The struggle is real!