Click to read the January Newsletter!

Click to read the January Newsletter!

This January, we’re encouraging clients to accept themselves EXACTLY the way that they are.  
Story telling:  

Self - centric:  Tell a story about - difficulty you’ve faced with self acceptance, self love, or remembering to put yourself first.  Maybe talk about a new year’s resolution that DOESN’T focus on changing who you are- like forgiving yourself and others or being unapologetic for who you are.

Client - centric:  Ask if clients are taking time for themselves.  Are they striving to be loving and accepting in their lives, which includes THEMSELVES?  Are they remembering that they come to JaneDo not just for their body, but also for confidence and to build strength inside themselves?

Remind them that the New Year can bring a renewed sense of commitment and strength, but to make the SAME SELF more powerful.  


  • Celebrate what you want to see more of

  • It is never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream

  • Show up and let yourself BE SEEN for who you ARE

  • The New Year isn’t an end or a beginning- but a going on

  • New Year- New strength and New Thoughts

  • New Year- Same AMAZING you

Here’s This month’s newsletter content to further inspire you:

New Year Same Jane by Cristin Van Horn

Everywhere you look the idea of self improvement is being thrust at us this time of year.  From car commercials to beauty products, the concept of a New Year - New You is all you hear.  New Year’s resolutions appeal to the idea that January is the perfect time to make a much needed change.  The problem is, New Year’s resolutions play to our darkest demon- our own self doubt- and convince us that we are less than.  We are less than, if we don’t buy that brand new car.  We are less than, if we don’t lose those those last 10 lbs.  

Less than beautiful.  
Less than worthy.  
Far less than perfect...  
... Well we say F#%& THAT!

This year, let’s flip the script.  Sure, the new year brings a renewed sense of dedication, but it also brings new opportunities to love and accept the SAME OLD YOU.  

Set some realistic goals, stop judging yourself, and this year maybe resolve to LOVE YOURSELF just the way you are.


Click to read the December Newsletter!

Click to read the December Newsletter!

This December, we’re encouraging clients to stop over DO-ing it during the holidays.  

Story telling:  

Self - centric:  Tell a story about - family dynamics? The stress of finding the perfect gift?  What is really important to you during the holidays and define it?  What fills your heart during the holidays?

Client - centric:  Ask if clients are taking time for themselves.  Are they overextending themselves.  How are they managing their time? Reward the fact that clients are in class during this hectic time of year. Why wait till January to set your resolutions, start thinking of them now.


  • December is the new January

  • Enjoy the process

  • Take the time to connect with others

  • Practice gratitude

  • Gift yourself a strong version of yourself this month

  • Say No without guilt

  • Be empowered to skip, go late, leave early

Here’s This month’s newsletter content to further inspire you: 

A practical guide to stop over DO-ing the Holidays  by Cristin Van Horn

’Tis the Season to reward our achievements.  Here’s some tips to do so without feeling over indulgent.  

Give yourself the gift of a good workout.

This holiday season, make time for YOU  by keeping up with your sweat sessions.  Shopping, gift wrapping, holiday office parties, and family functions take up a lot of our time, but that shouldn’t mean your body and sanity should take a back seat.  Continue pushing yourself in class: try a new instructor or class, pick up a heavier set of weights.  If you just can’t make a class, pop online for a  JaneDO NOW session and lock yourself in your bedroom for 45 mins- trust us it will make all the difference!

Stop forgetting to eat.  

We are constantly running around during the holidays, but try not to go so long between meals that by the time you do see food, you’re pushing over little Timmy just to scarf down the entire Christmas spread!  If you know you have a busy day, pack some snacks- nuts, bananas, and cheese sticks are some of our favorite on-the-go snacks.  After-all you need your energy for all those Holiday Sales!

Never go to a holiday party hungry.

If you know you are going to party at night, don’t save up room all day long!  It may make sense to you to cut calories during the day to allow yourself room to overindulge at night, but it actually works against you.  Eating healthy regular meals during the day maintains a healthy metabolism and keeps you satisfied, so that when you do get the party you can actually stop yourself at one sugar cookie, rather than eating the entire tray!  


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