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step Cardio

Prior to class: Double check all steps are securely set up with 2 risers on each side. Clients are NOT allowed to use a step without rises unless a mat is placed beneath it to prevent it from slipping.

Dynamic Warm-up: to be performed behind the step. Also permitted are: Plankography • Roll Downs & Static Balances on top of tramp

Ready Set Sweat:  Introduce  directional cues: back of step, top of step, front of step, right side, left side, corners 1 (right front)  & 2 (left front).

RSS is also designed to continue to warm clients up while learning the basic Step It Up choreography • Marches • Taps • Basic Step Up • Knee Up/Power Skip Up • Kick Up/Power Kick Up • Curl Up/Power Curl Up • “V” & “A” Steps • Repeater Knees/Repeater Curls • Up & Overs  

Cardio Routines: (2 songs)  Option to choose from Step It Up routines provided on trainer portal.  All cardio combinations should be taught as progressions similar to tramp stamp and DYAO

Sportscentric: Option to perform series standing on ex. Squat, lunge, deadlift  or standing / kneeling behind.

Bootycamp: Option to perform series standing on or behind step.  Option to kneel on step or elevate feet on step for bridge.

Upper Body: Option to use free weights, bands, armography, or any body weight/resistance exercises ex. Push ups, dips

step cardio routines

Step Cardio Steps

  • Basic (R, L, A)

  • Knee Up

  • Kick Up

  • Curl Up

  • Arabesque up

  • Corner 1 to Corner 2

  • Repeater

  • “V” step

  • Reverse “V” step - St. right acroos left, turn over left shoulder, step R, L to other side

  • “A” step - profile/facing

  • “K” step - profile only

  • “L” step - facing only (step knee, step off side, step knee, step back)

  • “I” step - facing only(up up jax, down down jax)

  • “T” step - profile/ facing step: up up out out in in down down

  • “X” step - profile/facing step or facing front (up, up, out front, out front, up, up, out back, out back)

  • “Z” step - facing only - (up up, over over, diag down diag down, over over)

  • Up & Over (on profile)

  • Charlestown

  • Flamingo

  • Hop Turn

  • Revolving Door - (2 hop turns)

  • Reverse Turn

  • Helicopter - 2 hop turns

  • Indecision

  • Rocking horse - step hammy/step kick

  • Tap Up

  • Tap Back - lunge off the back of step w/o weight

  • Split Basic - step up/tap back /tap back/ step down

  • Straddle

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