• kneel down for plankography
• come to your forearms
• stay kneeling or extend your legs to straight and press back unto your toes
• for those of you with a wrist or shoulder injury, take your plank standing at the barre
• curve your pelvis under
• broaden your chest
• focus your gaze diagonally forward
• exhale sharply
• (continue into choreography)

•Shoulder or Wrist Injury - opt for forearm plank/opt to kneel

General Guidelines: Limit choreography to 4 sets/rounds of increasing intensity, should feel difficult but not defeating

Pregnancy Guidelines/Choreographic options:
Avoid twisting, keep clients head higher than their hearts.  Option to choose forearm, or wall plank

approved plankography sets


  • Contralateral tap (opp knee to elbow)

  • Unilateral tap (same knee as elbow) extend back

  • *deconstruct: contralateral tap, unilateral tap repeat