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Corecentric H.i.i.t.

H.I.I.T. : incremental groups of exercises designed to include: upper, lower, core and/or full body. These groups of exercises rotate high and low impact choreographic options. HIITs can be performed as ROUNDS, LADDERS, INTERVALS and can be broken down even further:

Rounds - in time
Rounds - own time
Ladders - in time/ascending or descending
Ladders - own time/ascending or descending
Timed intervals - seconds
Timed intervals - counts

Rounds: a strategic collection of exercises performed in a set designed to target the lower, upper and core or full body. Rounds can be performed to the rhythm “all together” of the music (half time, in time, double time) or at a client’s own pace “own time”

Ladders: nonstop ascending and/or descending sets using up to 4 exercises. In a descending or ascending ladder, once you reach the final repetition in your quest, the client should be instructed to continue with the final exercise in the ladder progression until the duration of the song or go back to the top of the ladder sequence. Ladders should always start at either 1, 8, 16, or 32

Timed intervals: a sequence of exercises that is performed in succession at either a rhythmically timed or a timed interval. When performed in seconds should adhere to 10 or 30 second increments.

Overall Guidelines for HIITs: Rounds, Ladders & Intervals
Each HIIT should target as many muscle groups as possible in order to provide the most efficient total body workout. This means designing HIITS in a methodical fashion using LOWER, UPPER, CORE AND FULL BODY exercises.

Full body exercises are compound movements that combine at least two of the following: LOWER, UPPER or CORE exercises
Each HIIT should include a minimum of 3 exercises with a maximum of 4 exercises. These exercises will be selected from the approved list of exercises as organized by the columns below:

Corecentric HIIT: must include two core exercises plus 1 - 2 other exercise selections from any column (upper, lower, full) to fulfill the 3 to 4 exercise requirement. When incorporating upper body, be sure to use lesser lbs when working the shoulders, heavier for biceps.

Clients should be advised to take two or more sets or weights or bands in the event they want to increase or decrease their weight load/ resistance Light - 1, 2; Medium 3, 5; Heavy 8, 10

Clients may always opt for low impact options at any time. Refer to modifications on individual exercises as defined by each respective breakdown in manual. The first set of any HIIT should ALWAYS be performed in a musical fashion as described in the musicality portion of the manual. One repetition of a unilateral exercise is inclusive of one side only. Ex. in mountain climbers, the right leg is considered one repetition, as is the left. Two exercises combined into one, for example a bent over row to a fly, is considered one repetition. 

For every HIIT, first disclose type of HIIT and where it is in their “own time” or “all together” Then proceed with demonstration. More specifically:
• All together: This will be a round, in time, then proceed with demonstrating the HIIT sequence all together starting with orientation to your mat, then work from base of support up.....(as you would any traditional set in any other class)
• Own time: This will be a round in your own time AND this round consists of X amount of exercises, disclose the First exercise and then move all together in time to the music for one full set of each exercise.. After that set all together Rev clients up for moving in their own time and cue it on the 1 count.

• All together: This will be a descending OR ascending ladder performed in all together. You will start at X and work your way to X. Keep moving as I demonstrate the X number of exercises. Then cue to start all together in time.
• Own time: This will be a descending OR ascending ladder performed in your own time. You will start at X and work your way up to X. Keep moving as I demonstrate your X number of exercises. Then cue to start on their own time

Timed Interval:
• Own time ONLY: This will be a timed interval, keep moving as I demonstrate X number of exercises. Then cue to start on your count

approved corecentric hiit sets

Opt for a song that is longer (min 3:45 minutes)

  • Bridge tabletop to sit up with R leg extended

  • Curl up with weight behind head

  • Plank quick walks out and in

*REPEAT with bridge tabletop to sit up with L leg extended

Core HIIT:

  • Alternate heel reaches R &

  • Reverse crunch

  • Push up to 4 mountain climbers

Black Band or Green Band
*MUST be used 3 times in class

  • Curl up assisted with band

  • Forearm rolling plank

  • Push up

  • Katniss with band

30 Second Core HIIT:

  • Tabletop feet, send 1 leg to extension as both arms reach back overhead, alternate

  • Plank row, tricep kickback

  • Forearm plank

  • Tricep extension single weight

30 Second Core HIIT (with band):

  • Bicycle feet with band on arches

  • Push feet out and press legs to extension (feet hovering and flexed: legs squeezed together), pull in

  • Push up, military plank initiate R, push up, military plank initiate L 

30 Second Core HIIT:

  • Alternate single leg V up

  • On palms or forearms, leg extensions targeting low abdominals

  • Standing kneeling wide overhead press alternate R & L

  • Military plank alternate R & L

30 Second Core HIIT Descending Ladder:
*Start at 8!

  • Burpee with cross jack

  • Mountain Climbers

  • Sit up

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