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Dynamic Warmup

Dynamic Warm-up:

Warming up the body through movement. It only takes a few muscle contractions for the body to heat up. We want clients to be warm, but not too limber because we still want to maintain a strong base of support for the duration of the class. Why dynamic? 

• A warm muscle contracts more forcefully and relaxes more quickly
• Prevents injury
• Improves coordination
• Improves musicality
• Increases range of motion
• Reduces risk of injury
• Increases body temperature

Approved exercises

• Head rolls
• Shoulder rotations
• Arm swings
• Bottoms up
• Toe taps
• Knee lifts
• Hammy curls
• Knee stirs
• Inner thigh lunge

• Lunge
• Squat
• Dead lift
• Leg sweep
• Knee press
• Walking or stationary hamstring dip
• High heels
• Roll downs
• Jack knifes

Dynamic Warmup Exercises

Example Dynamic Warmup

FLOOR PLAY DYNAMIC WARMUP : omit jumping and make jacks, high knees, etc low impact variations.

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