Sentry Page Protection

Cool Down

• Lie facing the ceiling
• Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor
• Extend one leg towards the ceiling
• Flex your lifted foot
• Hold on behind your ankle, calve or thigh
• Draw your leg in towards your chest
• Option to extend your bottom leg to straight
• Change sides

• Hug your knees into your chest
• Sweep your legs over to one side
• Take your gaze in the opposite direction
• Change sides

• Come to all 4’s
• Place your hands under your shoulders
• Bridge & Tunnel
• Childs pose
• Downward facing dog

• Come to stand
• Sweep one arm across your body (shoulder stretch)
• Take the same arm and draw it up and over head
• Bend at your elbow and claim elbow with your opposite hand
• Bend at your waist and lean to the side (opposite of your stretched arm)
• Pull down from your lats
• Clasp your hands behind your back
• Release and repeat on the other side

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