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Booty Bridge

• Lie on the floor facing up towards the ceiling
• Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor
• Separate your legs to neutral stance
• Curve your pelvis under
• Press into your heels as you peel your pelvis off the mat towards the ceiling
• Keep your upper back pressed into the mat (or back) with your right foot
• Bend your knees
• Align your front knee in line with your front ankle at a 90 angle
• Push off your front heel and your back toe to rise to your starting position

•Back Injury - reduce ROM based on choreographic options

General Guidelines: Commit to one base of support for the duration of the exercise to ensure you are working the appropriate muscle group until the point of fatigue

Pregnancy Guidelines/Choreographic options:
Avoid lying fat on your back. Choose a forearm bridge or a standing sumo fire thigh option

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