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july 2018

Congratulations on being the motivational push for our JC clients to have the most finishers in Challenge history (47!!)

Events: We are constantly working to have a community presence and continue to get the word out about Jane and new clients in the door.

  • June 16th  - Harborside Atrium ** Will Communicate via FB**
  • July 31st - 7pm Art House Rooftop Pool Class
  • August 8th - 8am Kickoff Party at Liberty House for ACS Walk
  • August 25th  - JC Pride
  • September Sunday - 12pm Floor Play Breasties Event/Brunch
  • September 15th - 12pm-8pm All About Downtown
  • October 28th - 8am-1pm Leading the Warm Up for Hudson County ACS Walk in Lincoln Park


  • Coverage - send the love around, if you are taking time off be sure to pay it forward with your team
  • If you secure coverage for your class that class is now the responsibility of the trainer who agreed to cover as per our policies

Content Updates

  • Train Jane - review format: every set must have 3-4 of the following - Upper, Lower, Core & Full Body; Bootycentric must utilize up to 4 choreographic options AND 2-3 other sections Check portal for approved sets and start using these for class.

  • Tramp Stamp - Off Tramp cardio: please make sure you are giving low impact options as this is a class some people opt for to AVOID high impact. I too love adding it into classes, but you must have regressions for those that do not do high impact

  • Towel Choreo - be conscious of class sizes. This is permitted but reconsider for classes larger than 10-12 clients

  • Please change up DYAO routines - stay away from older routines and start incorporating the new material

Light Updates

  • New App - Hue Lights - Red, Red/Blue, Blues, Spotlight
  • Red - Floor Play
  • Red/Blue - Tramp Stamp, DYAO, Train Jane
  • lue - ALL Cool Downs


Playlists MUST be 55 minutes. Noticing that some classes are ending way too early and clients are beginning to catch on as well. Remember you are to use our playlists. All personal playlists must be submitting to management for approval.

Additionally - confer with current playlists on Spotify for creation. Include a mix of Rock, Pop, 80s, Dance, R&B so that each playlists speaks to all of our Janes.


Please use the belt and remove batteries after every class. DO NOT touch knobs on silver box in studio, and be aware of the orientation of the receiver to your mouth. When it is too close, your words are lost and muffled.  

Keep a condom on the mic pack and ALWAYS ALWAYS wear the belt.

New Content:

Bootycamp: Green band

  • BOB - All 4’s with band around arches of feet.  Extend working leg to straight, return to kneeling.  Use rhythmic patterns: ex. 3 counts out to extend to activate hamstring and glute mas, one count in to activate quad and hip flexor.  1 count out to activate hamstring and 2 counts in to activate front of thigh.
  • onda Her - Side lying on forearm (or other) with legs extended: use rhythmic pattern to enhance stimulation ex. Lift, lift higher, lift highest lower down

Sportscentric/Fire Thigh: Green band

  • Leg Lifts/Rock it Like a Rockette: Standing (or sitting) with band around ankles, shift your weight to your standing heel and raise your leg towards the ceiling.  1. Opt to sweep your leg behind you as you deepen the bend in your standing knee 2. Opt to sweep your leg from your back leg lift to your front, continuing to alternate front to back 3. Opt to work from your turned out 5th position or your “v” for a bend knee, turned out leg lift.  Opt to sweep as listed above.
  • Tendus/Frappes: with band around ankles (I like to use this as a chaser)
  • Alternating Sumo squats: with band around ankles.  Opt to make plyometric while keeping band around ankles
  • Curtsy squats to lateral leg raise  with band around thighs

Upper Body: Green band

  • Katniss - hold on side of band in one hand and extend this stabilizing arm to straight.  Align your stabilizing hand with the center of your sternum with your palm facing your centerline.  Take hold of the other side of the band with your working arm with your palm facing your centerline.  Pull your working arm diagonally back to activate your rhomboid. Extend it back to straight.
  • Deltoid raise to biceps curl - With the circle band around your wrists, extend your arms to straight in front of your thigh.  Lift your arms to shoulder height. Keep your elbows in perfect alignment with your shoulders as you bicep curl. Extend your arms back to straight and lower them back to your starting position
  • Triceps Extension  - Hold band in both hands at the center of your sternum with your palms facing your midline.  Extend one arm diagonally down to straight, and return to your starting position.

january 2018

First and Foremost - We have a trainer portal! Jacey & Taylor Green are continually updating and adding videos to help build your classes and unify our methodology further. 
Visit and at the bottom you will find the tab to click that reads "Trainer Portal" on the next screen type in the password: iheartjane!


Reviews/Positive Feedback:
So excited about this studio! Super welcoming, fun and energizing environment. Today I went to their amazing barre naked class and didn’t have time to pre-register. The class was full (duh because it's awesome) but the teacher made the extra effort to get me in on the holiday weekend! Extra shout out to their tramp stamp class where you jump on mini trampolines! 5 stars for workout and staff!

Always want to do our best to accomodate a walk-in without compromising the quality of class.


Troubleshooting/General Notes:

  • Troubleshooting the internet - if necessary, unplug the black plug at the back of the router, let it sit for 10 seconds and plug back in. The router information is written on a blue post it next to the laptop. Our network currently is FiOS-N2PZ2 until we correct our Netgear router. As a back up, download your playlists before arriving in the event you need to use your phone for class.
    *** if the iPhone cord is broken, must let me know as I do not use. There is a back up connector in the top drawer under the desk.
    *** please keep iTouch plugged in at all times, unless the iPad needs recharging. At the conclusion of your classes take care to be sure devices are powering up for next class or set of classes. Trainers should not walk into dead devices for their classes.
    ***weights, mats, etc. I know class transitions are quick, but it takes less than a minute to ensure the studio is tidy for the next class coming in. I would rather you take the time to organize weights so they aren’t falling all over then risk a client having a weight drop on their foot.

  • Troubleshooting a trampoline - how to fix the inside leg *working on shooting a video and uploading to the trainer portal

  • New mic - ends of the ear are breaking and coming off. I have glued and taped, however please please be gentle! This mic is significantly more expensive than the last and seems to work really well for us as far as sound/quality issues go.

  • Coverage - plenty of staff in JC where we should be able to help each other out when needed. Please be courteous if you are asking for coverage you are returning the favor. Facebook group - Jane DO Instructor Page: post here looking for coverage in an effort to lessen the load on inbox and texts.

  • Basic MindBody knowledge - visit the trainer portal and see "MindBody University"

  • Continue to get to know clients’ names - TONS of new clients every week and a ton of opportunity to build your class numbers and get some private training clients! Use those hands on adjustments, start a dialogue at the end of class, it will only benefit you in the long run and potentially snag you some more work. In hearing classes while working in the studio, there is less and less of name calling and this is what we want to continue to foster to set us apart from other fitness boutiques.

Content/Class Updates

Floor Play - sneakers ONLY. Set up around the perimeter until we are better transitioned with all clients wearing sneakers. 20 with half sneakers half socks is TIGHT. If someone comes in their socks, say not a problem at all, for future you may want to consider sneakers to provide greater stability for your ankle during strength training.

Lights stay as they were for Barre Naked (play around with less use of domes); BLUES for Cool Down

  • Educate clients that we made a promise to evolve our methodology and keep our clients constantly challenged. Traditional barre classes incorporate up to 5lb weights and we are currently using 8s, 10s and 12s

  • Use Rosewater spray


Train Jane

  • Keep the intensity of the cardios up; Be sure you are breaking the content down as you would for DYAO. Try not to take too much time breaking down, but still give clients the opportunity to catch on. Play around with staying in an interval (ex: fast feet, high knees, hit the deck) to keep intensity up

  • Be sure you are properly demonstrating sets and breaking them down so they are well understood. Some reviews read that we are moving too fast and clients are unable to understand sequencing

  • Get them moving right away - do not explain everything in the set, they won’t remember anyway! Go right into it and do the whole set with them the first time through then begin to verbally cue as they continue to move

Green Bands

  • Get creative, use on trampoline - rule of prop inclusion, must be used 3 times in class

Resistance Bands

  • With the addition of Train Jane, don’t forget to incorporate these into Floor Play & Tramp again!

I will continue to be jumping into classes where I can and eliciting feedback about new classes. This is in an effort to keep our methodology consistent across the board and make our team the strongest we can be to continue to pack our classes in Jersey City.


JC Wellness Class January 28th at Nimbus 12pm

Feb. 9th - 2018 Party in Hoboken 6-8pm *Formal Invitation to follow

*We are booking private parties, feel free to make mention to clients if it lends itself to come up while chatting as it is just another opportunity to make easy cash and it is really fun!

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