Literally, let that shit GO

This month's ROCKSTAR Jen Gonzalez, is a respected colon hydrotherapist. In the spirit of "letting that shit GO," this Jane started Doody Free Girl in an effort to build awareness around the importance of bowel health with regards to disease, depression, repression, social anxiety, skin issues, and weight management.

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Jen received her certification in colon hydrotherapy in 2009. Inspired by the book The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose, she started seeing Gil Jacobs (the colon hydrotherapist featured and highly recommended in the book) religiously. Gil is known as the Godfather of Colonics in NYC. He taught her much about what she knows and encouraged her to consider colon hydrotherapy as a profession.

Jen says, "I founded Doody Free Girl in 2012 in an effort to erase the social stigma surrounding our human right to take a shit." 

Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the last five feet of our intestinal tract known as the large intestine, or the colon. The colon is our body’s septic system. Everything our body needs to rid itself of, including metabolic waste, gets discarded in the colon. When we are backed up, all of our bodily processes slow down, including metabolism. The gravity-fed method of colonics is the most gentle, yet effective method of colonic that used to be employed in hospitals before pharmaceuticals really became a thing. There is no machine or chemicals involved, just an elevated tank of filtered water, which allows gravity to pull water in and out of the body.


You can find out more about Jen by listening to this podcast on Beauty Inside Out with renowned nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. 

Her goal has always been to create a safe, fun & inviting environment for everyone to talk shit and then literally and figuratively let it all go. Life is too short to be full of shit! Rock on Jen! #janeDID #letthatshitGO

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