Our Amazing 3 Amigas

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This week, we're bowing down to these adorable besties and #JaneDID teens.

Headed into High School High Tech School for Performing Arts next year,  Ella, Lucy and Molly know the power of sticking together and pursing your passions.

We can't wait to watch what these soul sisters #JaneDO next.

Here are their individual stories, as pictured, from left to right.


I got into all three high schools of my choice and in late August and will be attending High Tech High School in their music and audio tech program. I have become fully dedicated to my work and have already started planning for college and the SATs.

I came out as a pansexual member of the LGBT community and over the course of the past year I have been loudly and proudly advocating for the LGBT community and many others.

Over the past two years I have become a preforming musician, preforming in Hoboken and NewYork with several bands. I learned to play 3 instruments and I continue to strive to better myself as a musician. - Ella


This upcoming year, I am attending High Tech High School for the Performing Arts Dance major. I am very excited to learn many different types and aspects of dance next year while continuing my classes at Jane DO! - Lucy


"This past year, me and my 2 best friends had to apply, addition, and test into a high school called High Tech High School. Fortunately we all got accepted, and though it was hard, we are very thankful and lucky that we will get to spend the next 4 years together in a great environment." - Molly

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