Falling Forward

by cristin van horn

Falling forward: how not every misstep is a mistake

And just like that Janes, it’s September… wtf.  Time to hang up your bikini and head back to school (or back to reality, for those of us without kiddos and no more summer Fridays).  With this change of season, we can’t help but think about fall. Yes of course apples and leaves and cozy sweaters, but also just about falling.  We’ve been making some pretty big strides lately, and taking some pretty big risks (helooooo Montclair and NYC!!) and with all this risk we can’t help but ask ourselves, “but what will happen if we fail.” 

In class, you will hear our trainers say things like “in the challenge there is change”, right when you are on the brink of dropping your weights and saying ‘I quit’.  But that sentiment is exactly what has been driving our decision making from the beginning. No risk, no reward. It’s really easy to say those things in the gym, or to tell those things to our girlfriends about a job or a breakup, but when it comes time to take that advice for ourselves, it is f*cking terrifying.  And all the doubt in our head comes out in full force..WHAT IF I FAIL?

So what if you do?  

What if that new job you took turns out to suck?

What if that new man you took a chance on, ends up to be a jerk?

What if that new business venture falls flat?

Do you die? Do you become homeless? Do you become a recluse and never go on another date again?... probably not.  

Take the opportunity to learn where you need to get stronger.  Learn what you need to be more prepared for. Learn humility, or how to ask for help, or how to deligate.  Learn what you like. Learn what your nonnegotiables actually are. Maybe you will learn that you don’t actually want that thing you always thought you wanted.  And no matter what, take the opportunity to get back up. Get back up Rocky Balboa style, swinging.  

No matter what, there is always something to be learned in the fall.  If you learn from your failure, your fall actually becomes a fall FORWARD. 

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