Motivational MAY

By Cristin Van Horn, Edgewater Studio Manager

Hey Janes, we know that after all those April showers, you MAY be feeling hella motivated to hit your personal goals, so here is a list to help keep you DOing after the first few days of sunshine wears off.

#1: Join the G.I. Jane Challenge.

21 in 31 May Challenge...the best way to stay motivated is to stay moving.  Sign up to join our challenge in studio, so that you can help yourself and other Janes to KEEP GOING.

#2: Spring Clean your social media.  

Stay motivated in your head space too! Delete & unfollow accounts that make you feel less than or unmotivated.  *Insider tip* you don’t actually have to unfollow, but you can mute posts/stories!

#3: Find your Alter Ego.

Tap into your inner Sasha Fierce- whether it’s a mantra that you repeat each morning in the mirror, a self-care ritual, or a motivating song you play on your morning commute, manifest the most POWERFUL version of yourself each and every day.  Sometimes we don’t feel all that strong, but by putting on the costume, you can fake it till you make it!


Cue up your podcasts, download your e-books, and rev up your documentaries.  Knowledge is power, and one of the best ways to stay motivated at work or at home is to continue to learn!  Find motivation by learning from other BADA$$ES who’ve done it.

#5: Declutter your fridge & your gut.  

Get rid of all the crap you have in the back of your fridge that you don’t need (4 year old soy sauce much?) and while you’re at it now is the perfect time to get your gut in gear.  If you need help, Busy Bee Organics has got your back… or at least your belly. Meals full of fiber and veggies are the first step to happy poops, and everyone knows that happy poops = happy people.  

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