May your Days BEE Sunny & Bright

Get to know the owner and creator of Busy Bee Organics

We sat down with Busy Bee Organics creator Michelle Berckes, to get the scoop on all things health, eats, and being the owner of a busy business.  

What was the catalyst for you to start Busy Bee Organics and who is it for?

I created Busy Bee shortly after I moved to Jersey City 5 years ago and realized the lack of healthy options available.  At the time I was a private chef and the executive chef at a health food cafe in Morris County, NJ and wanted to bring a sampling of what I was doing there back here to my own community. I wanted to fill what I thought was the biggest hole in the market at the time with fully prepared health supportive cuisine. Busy Bee was created for the "Busy Bees" in our area. We customize meals so that anyone and everyone can order from us as little or as much as they like. We do not require a minimum and we do not require you to sign up for a subscription. This way you can order according to your schedule and dietary preference, no frills.

Why is eating healthy important to you and in turn why should it be important to us?

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Healthy eating or eating health-supportive foods is important to me for a pretty simple reason, I just feel better. As I became more aware of my body and how I was feeling and looking, I started to realize we are what we eat (and I did not want to be fast, cheap or easy)! Haha The word "healthy" itself is super subjective so my main goal is to get people to fall in love with eating more plants. You will see our menu is plant-forward but we create "healthy" food recipes that also taste awesome. Think Thai Peanut Spaghetti Squash or our Cheesy Chickpea Kale Salad.


There is a lot of conflicting information about what is "healthy", not to mention a million different diets.  What advice would you give to someone who felt totally overwhelmed by the idea of eating healthy?

It IS super overwhelming. Everyone has a different opinion of what healthy is and also what healthy looks like. Healthy is a state of mind as well as a lifestyle I suppose. You can eat "healthy" all day long but have negative self-talk and that is not healthy. Also, healthy for one person can be "xyz" and "abc" for someone else. I always look at things big picture and I think the only thing every "diet" or nutrition experts can agree on is...drumroll...PLANTS ARE GOOD! So eat them, and eat a lot of them. If you stick to a mainly whole food, plant forward diet, you will have more energy, better digestion, sleep, skin.. I mean the list goes on

Tell us a little something about your team.

My team is amazing. Im seriously so lucky. Everyone works together like a hardworking bee hive! (I can’t help myself with the bee puns) My sous chef, Ula is a talented self taught vegan chef who owns her own company, shout out "Ulala Foods." Our prep cooks Jackie, Teetee and Whitney work so hard to learn new techniques and they all help prep to create the dishes we all come up for your enjoyment. We all love working together and we all love what we do for "work." We have our own dedicated drivers for delivery, Lauren, Lynette Anthony and Kristine, I have a wonderful community manager, Carla, our head of nutrition and marketing Jamie and looking forward to adding new additions by next month for the farmers market and storefront (shout out to anyone looking for part time super fun and yummy work!).

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