DO what you love!


By Cristin van horn, edgewater studio manager

What lights your fu*king soul on fire?  Have you done it least once this week? WHY NOT?

This month, filled with hearts and love letters, we urge you to start DOing what you love FOR YOU!  This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job, leave your husband, and move to India for a year- Eat, Pray, Love, style.  (But hey, if you want to, we are all for it!)

DOing what you love can simply mean to spend a little more time doing what lights you up!  Get back to painting. Find time to read. Dust off the piano keys or camera or hiking boots or makeup brushes or whatever!

...Not all of us have found our passion yet, and that’s OK!  DOing what you love can be as simple as finding time to share a cup of coffee with a girlfriend, or finally taking a day off.  Real life is REAL, but finding and more importantly CREATING JOY in your life right now, is just as important as paying your bills and helping your kids with their homework.

Take the time NOW to DO more of whatever it is that turns you we don’t mean in the bedroom...although ‘tis the season for that too.    

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