When things get hot, stay COOL.

By Cristin Van Horn & Margaret Barschow

At Jane, we are no stranger to a lil’ heat. In fact, we typically prefer it nice and sweaty, but keeping your cool when the heat turns up, is the mark of a real JANE. We aren’t talking about pit stains, we are talking about remaining in the driver’s seat, when life shoves you into the HOT seat.  We’ve all been there- someone cuts you off on your way to work, you spill coffee all over your new white jeans, or your toddler throws their 97th tantrum of the day. How do we remain mindful in moments of red hot heat?

Screaming F%$# might feel good, but learning how to dust ourselves off and move forward in a constructive way, is far better than getting hotter than the summer heat.  Not only can anger be physically toxic (hello hypertension), but running on pure angry adrenaline drains your resources for the things that really matter- like making a plan and SOLVING THE PROBLEM.   

The conscious effort to RESPOND, rather than REACT makes all the difference.  Just like in the studio, what you DO creates a habit, and our habits create results.  Start to make it a habit to check in with yourself. Ask yourself “why am I getting so heated?” Regardless of the answer, your feelings are your feelings, respect them!  When we create the space to ask WHY, we can create an attainable action plan to move on..

Jump into the studio to drain the lymphatic system which acts like a highway for nasty toxic stress. DO-ing it in the studio releases endorphins that will help to calm you down, so that you can see a solution more clearly.   Not only will you be able to clear your mind but you’ll have the support of your GRLGANG!

Sometimes we like it hot, but when shit hits the fan, hatch a plan to respond-not react, in a way that continues to move you forward. Keep your cool, and remain in control...And if you’re really at a loss, never underestimate the power of a frozé. 

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