A Change Will DO You Good

by Cristin Von Horn, Edgewater Studio Coordinator & badass JaneDO Trainer

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Like the leaves of a tree, our faces and our boobs, change is inevitable and it's only human to resist it. Change brings us out of our comfort zone, forcing us to tackle uncomfortable feelings. But ultimately, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Sometimes change can be exciting- a new job you're ready to start or an adventure you've had time to plan. It is only when we are thrust into uninvited change that excitement and anticipation turn into fear and self-doubt. "CAN I HANDLE THIS?" Disease, divorce, unwanted self-discovery - these are the types of change we must learn to embrace and FIND THE COMFORT IN THE DISCOMFORT. Meaning, in the challenge, growth is occurring. 

Yesterday I had a conversation with a client about the difficulty of raising children. She said starting out, she assumed the best, that they will have healthy happy kids. She quickly learned parenting is all about adaptation. Kids get sick. Kids get in trouble. Kids CHANGE CONSTANTLY. With every unplanned twist and turn, she learned what she was truly capable of. Through the hardships - big and small - she found her strength and surprised herself with her ability. 

You never knew you were capable of giving yourself a shot, until your IVF treatment required you to do so. You never knew you were capable of caring for a loved one, until your mother got sick and you were the only option. You never knew you were able to withstand tremendous physical pain, until you gave birth to the tiniest love of your life. You never knew you could start over at 30, 40, or 50 until you lost your job and were forced to adapt. Life doesn't always go according to plan. But these are the moments we can - and DO - learn to fly. 

If you look back at your most impactful moments, chances are, these were all times of change; a wedding, a break up, a job promotion, etc. Change doesn't always have to be major. There's power in even the smallest changes. 

This September, with the changing of the leaves, the weather and our wardrobe, we challenge you to FIND CHANGE, FACE CHANGE and EMBRACE CHANGE. Pick up a heavier set of weights in the studio. Get out of a toxic relationship. Try a new haircut or fall fashion style. LET THE CHANGE EMPOWER YOU.

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