How to Beat Your Summertime Slump

The sun is shining and the rose is calling. Add to that the conclusion of our 2nd Annual GI JANE: 21 IN 31 May Challenge, and you’ve got a recipe for inconsistency. We know that consistency can be hard to maintain without the motivation of a challenge.  Here’s some ways to make sure the BARE-ALL SEASON isn’t your barest season in the studio.   

  1. SET GOALS: Defining your goals gives you a clear vision of what you are working toward. Your short term goals, such as showing up to a class or participating in a monthly challenge are your checkpoints to your long term goals. Celebrating those large and small feats is the best part. 
  2. MAKE TIME: Schedule your workout. Booking in advance solidifies your commitment to yourself. Don’t let your workout loom over your head, a morning sweat session gets it crossed off of your to do list and doesn’t leave room for the unexpected to get in the way.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: Friends make the best workout buddies AND post-workout brunch buddies. Don’t just find a friend, but be a good friend. Hold each other accountable, give each other compliments and continue to challenge one another.
  4. FLIP THE SCRIPT: The thoughts in your mind are the ones that control you. Keeping a positive mental attitude is crucial. Trying flipping the script. Don’t “exercise”, instead “train” towards your goals. Stop focusing on what you can’t do, and instead on what you have already accomplished. Just showing up is a feat in and of itself.
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