Jane takes a Bite of the Big Apple

So by now you’ve probably heard the Big Apple buzz on our Instagram stories and double tapped our awesome subway renderings, but inquiring Jane minds are still dying to know the exact LOCATION of our NYC studio...

Ok but before we tell you where, we want to formally invite you to hang out with us!

Come celebrate our NYC location

Grand Opening Party on September 12th from 6pm- 9pm.  
Drinks, Giveaways and Mingling, all while checking out the NYC views from our newest space. Feel free to bring a friend or just bring yourself!

Soooo we guess we need to tell you where.  For those of you who guessed Flatiron, you were right!  Our NYC studio is located just a block from the PATH station at 24 W 23rd street. That’s right Janes...our new studio is directly across the street from Eataly!  


For those of you who are dying to get into class before the 12th, we will be starting classes 9/3 for our soft open!

Click below to register for flatiron classes




On Saturday September 14th 11:00am-2:00pm we will be throwing the block party of the year on the Grove Street Pavilion, the Jane DO first annual JANE-A-PALOOZA.  

JANE-A-PALOOZA is a CELEBRATION of the most powerful women in our community, which is why we are inviting YOU.    

Food, drinks, outdoor fitness classes, a live DJ, giveaways with a grand prize worth over $1500 and more!  The best vendors Jersey City has to offer, including Carbon 38, THINX, Shaka bowl, Healthade Kombucha, and The Ashford.  

Show us your STRENGTH by participating in our EMPOWERMENT PULL, where we will literally be putting our muscles where our mouths are, by pulling a monster truck down Newark Ave.  

So come schmooze, booze, and bond with all your favorite Janes, while meeting and celebrating the other amazing women in our community!  It’s totally family friendly, so feel free to bring the kiddos, and make an afternoon of it... Jane style.    

Falling Forward

by cristin van horn

Falling forward: how not every misstep is a mistake

And just like that Janes, it’s September… wtf.  Time to hang up your bikini and head back to school (or back to reality, for those of us without kiddos and no more summer Fridays).  With this change of season, we can’t help but think about fall. Yes of course apples and leaves and cozy sweaters, but also just about falling.  We’ve been making some pretty big strides lately, and taking some pretty big risks (helooooo Montclair and NYC!!) and with all this risk we can’t help but ask ourselves, “but what will happen if we fail.” 

In class, you will hear our trainers say things like “in the challenge there is change”, right when you are on the brink of dropping your weights and saying ‘I quit’.  But that sentiment is exactly what has been driving our decision making from the beginning. No risk, no reward. It’s really easy to say those things in the gym, or to tell those things to our girlfriends about a job or a breakup, but when it comes time to take that advice for ourselves, it is f*cking terrifying.  And all the doubt in our head comes out in full force..WHAT IF I FAIL?

So what if you do?  

What if that new job you took turns out to suck?

What if that new man you took a chance on, ends up to be a jerk?

What if that new business venture falls flat?

Do you die? Do you become homeless? Do you become a recluse and never go on another date again?... probably not.  

Take the opportunity to learn where you need to get stronger.  Learn what you need to be more prepared for. Learn humility, or how to ask for help, or how to deligate.  Learn what you like. Learn what your nonnegotiables actually are. Maybe you will learn that you don’t actually want that thing you always thought you wanted.  And no matter what, take the opportunity to get back up. Get back up Rocky Balboa style, swinging.  

No matter what, there is always something to be learned in the fall.  If you learn from your failure, your fall actually becomes a fall FORWARD. 

Get OUT in Montclair


What to DO in our new hood

Hey Janes, with our new studio just weeks away from opening its doors, we wanted to spill the tea on what to DO in Montclair before and after you take your a$$ to class!

Before you get your sweat on, you might want to hit up some of the amazing shops to get your retail on.  You can always hit up our go-to favs like Lulu Lemon, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters, but if you want a uniquely Montclair experience be sure to check out some of these unique stops. Valley Girl, on Valley road, is a great boutique with a mission that aligns perfectly with Jane!  They are all about being stylish and easy to wear, but also affordable. Culture Couture is an eco friendly boutique, where you can find one of a kind accessories, clothing, and jewelry.   


If you are feeling a little hungry or caffeine deprived, there are tons of places to grab something before class. Check out the coffee and snacks at our favs,  Crazy Mocha or Trend Coffee & Tea House. If you’re in need of a little detox or vitamin infusion, head in to Zen Blendz Juice Bar.  


As you know, we work hard so that we can play hard.  If that’s your m.o. too, shower off then head to one of our favorite local watering holes for an adult beverage!  The Crosby, a low- key spot serves up comfort food and traditional drinks. We love their outdoor seating on summer nights. Montclair Social Club, which also has live music, is another one of our go-tos. And if you are looking for a more upscale spot, or have a hankering for fresh seafood, Halcyon is a great choice.  

And no matter what you’re in the mood for, Montclair has something for you and your crew! (most importantly a JANE DO coming soon)

Are you ready to DO it for You?


We know you are busy.

We know the entire world depends on you.

We know you are tired.

We also know that you are ready to DO something for YOU!

Private Training is the best way for you to get the most out of your Jane DO experience. A program designed just for YOU, that works around your schedule.

From now through 8.31.19,
All Private Training Packages are 20% off.

Stay tuned for the inside scoop on Private Training during the month of August @janedo

Use coe PT2019 during checkout or click the links below to send your private training request:

Meet DOer: Christina decarlo

By Cristin Van Horn


When we first met Christina, we knew she was awesome, but we had no idea just how much of a badass she really was!  Janes, we would like to introduce you to this amazing DOer, who is breaking down stereotypes in the male dominated world of building inspection and challenging what it means to be fearless, physical, and fabulous as hell.  Listen to what she had to say about her job and what it means to work on an all female team of building inspectors.  

Jane: How the hell did you get into building inspection?  Was this something you were always interested in?

Christina: I always loved buildings, knew I wanted to work with them when I was a little girl and realized the architect my parents hired was a woman. Funny how I thought only men could do this. So I studied architecture and historic preservation in college. My company asked me if I wanted to rappel and I said 1000% yes.

Jane: What challenges do you face in this industry?  Do you feel like being a woman makes a difference?  

Christina: Being a woman has its challenges. The industry is male dominated, especially on the contractor side. I've been doing this for a while now, so I'm confident in my position, but you really need to assert yourself, otherwise contractors feel like they can walk all over you.

An all female team is amazing, sure there's some friendly competition, but we all have each other's backs. My company is about 60% women, which used to be rare, but now there are more and more women active in the architecture world. It's great when we forget boots / clothes for inspections and we can share. We're mostly the same age demographic (25 - 38) and wear the same size / have the same interests. We do a girl's night every once in a while and workout / take classes together. I’ve even brought a couple of my coworkers to Jane DO! 

Jane: What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Christina: RAPPELLLINGGG! Girl it's amazing. You get a workout (core and arms) plus you get views of Manhattan the average person never gets to see. Plus it's super fun and a great photo opp

Jane: I imagine that you need to be in pretty good shape to repel from buildings, what is the most challenging aspect physically?

Christina: I've always been active, so I work out regularly and so do the other women, but we could all use a little more upper body strength. The ropes get really heavy, and in an emergency situation, I would hope I have enough strength to pull myself back over a parapet if I need to. We are always with someone who could help us, just in case, but it would be nice if I alone had the strength to do it. Jane DO has absolutely helped!

Calling All DOers!

Calling all doers!

Is your mom a badass?  Is your boss high powered in high heels?  What about your sister...is she kinda cool too, you guess?  Let us know! Submit them as a DOer. 

Each month we want to feature bada$$ women in our Jane DO fam, who are DOing amazing things and inspiring others to DO the same.

Do you know any DOers?  Send us their info at cristin@janedo.com

A Change will DO you good

A Change Will DO You Good and GET (you) LIFTED

by Cristin Van horn

We are so excited we can barely contain ourselves (cue Jessie Spano’s mental breakdown episode)!!  And we wanted to share all of our exciting news with you, so that we can celebrate all of Jane’s exciting growth together.  After all, nothing changes if nothing changes, so here’s to growing stronger and better together .

Our in studio experience is something we take very seriously around here, so Jane has partnered up with our ROCKSTAR Jane Dude and music mixer extraordinaire Isaac Owens, to continue to make each and every class, a heart-pounding, A$$ shaking, one of a kind party.  We are now having each playlist curated specifically with YOU in mind, so that every song from bootycamp to HIIT will be the exact tempo, genre, and length to get the job done right!

Our main goal is to deliver you the most effective workout possible and to continue to grow smarter as you all get stronger, so we are proud to roll out our new, most efficient and effective, 50 minute class format ever.  Jane toils over her methodology, so that we are constantly giving you the best, most up to date workouts. Our new format will help you continue to get stronger, and also give you a few extra mins to do blow dry your hair!  So everyone wins! 

Ultimately our job is to lift your booty and your spirit, by encouraging you to DO more in the studio in order to DO better outside of the studio. So we thought it only right to make sure all of our class names reflect exactly what’s going on in the studio (and give a classy nod to what that means for the outside world). Our low impact floor class will be now be appropriately named Get Lifted. So get into class and get to gettin’ lifted Janes!

You can expect to see these updates in studios as early as August 1st.

Summer Lovin' in Montclair

Deets About Our Newest Location 


In case you missed our egg-cellent instagram announcement, we are opening up 2 new studios this year, Montclair and NYC.  We are super stoked about our Montclair location, because it will be up and running before the summer is over… talk about summer lovin’!  You can be jumping, toning, lifting and sculpting all before the kids go back to school! Located right in the heart of downtown on Bloomfield Ave, our new location just might be our most convenient yet… oh did we mention that we are right above a Mexican restaurant (did someone say taco Tuesday?!) 


We are super pumped to be teaming up with the amazing design god himself, Anthony Carrino.  HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins, The Ellen Show’s, The Build UP, developer, designer, Jane Dude, and now FUTURE MR. HUBBY to our very own Jacey Lambros, are just some of his claims to fame.  Anthony, who has an inside understanding of what it means to be all things Jane, is designing our new studio with strength, grace, beauty, and grit at the forefront. From the light fixtures to the gold accents, Anthony has taken Jane to the next level.  We are excited to have his vision in our new spaces, as well as have him help us to continue to hone our current studio aesthetic.  

Check our our Instagram for progress on how the studio is coming along and for some other super fun videos and pics (we may have another super amazing parody video in the works… just sayin).  As always, class packages and memberships are valid across ALL locations (so you can check out Montclair for yourself without having the change a thing about your membership). Just book your workout with the Jane DO app and remember to cancel at least 12 hours before the class.

DO some cool sh*t this month in your hood

By Cristin Van Horn

Summer is (unofficially) here and we want you to make the most of it!  Of course you can always hit up the many trails, parks, and beaches that NJ has to offer, but here are some super fun summery things to DO this month that you might not have known about, right here in your neck of the woods.  From family friendly events, to grown and sexy, check out some of Jane’s favorite June happenings!


1) Starting June 1 every Saturday of the season, Jersey City is getting its own open-air night bazaar, the Jersey City Night Market in Journal Square.  Join locals for food, artisan vendors, artists and musicians, and this event is totally dog and kid friendly. Check it out every Saturday from 4pm-10pm at the PATH PLAZA in Journal Square.


2) Opening day for the Hoboken Farmers Market is June 4th. Join local farmers, vendors, butchers and artisans every Tuesday on Garden Street from 2pm-7:30pm, to pick up your home- grown goods and have your very own farm to table spread. From pickles to pig feet, this market has you covered! (If Farmers Markets are your thing, make sure to check out the one in Fort Lee, Edgewater, and Jersey City Heights, all open in June.)

5ce5b12373bddaafb9adb859_Movies under the Stars.jpg

3) Every Wednesday from June 12th through August, Pier A hosts Hoboken’s Movies Under the Stars. So grab your blanket and lawn chairs, just remember that movies will be canceled if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Here's the lineup:

6/12: Crazy Rich Asians, 6/19: The Greatest Showman - Sing-A-Long Version, 6/27: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 7/10: Bohemian Rhapsody: Sing-A-Long Version, 7/17: A Star is Born, 7/24: Green Book, 8/7: Mary Poppins Returns, 8/14: Incredibles 2 (Pre-Movie Demo for Children by My Gym Hoboken at 7pm) 8/21: Ralph Breaks the Internet (Pre-Movie Demo for Children by My Gym Hoboken at 7pm)

Midnight Market JC PR Deck.jpg

4) The last Midnight Market at Jersey City’s Harborside, is June 14th. This 21+ foodie nightlife event, is filled with delicious food, happy hour drinks, DJs and dancing from 6:30pm- midnight. Get your tickets on Eventbrite. General admission tickets are only $7, and please leave the fur and human babies at home.


5) Round up your kiddos, your fanny pack, and head to the New Jersey State Fair at the Meadowlands from June 22- July 7.  Rides, entertainment, food, and all things family fair fun OH MY!  

Take PRIDE in who you are

By Cristin Van Horn

How often do you tell your kids that you are proud of them?  What about your girlfriends? Hopefully the answer is a lot, but what about telling yourself that you are proud of YOU.  Somewhere along the road, maybe when we became adults, or picked up boyfriends, or became mothers, we started focusing on everyone else, supporting their dreams, and celebrating their wins.  Our hearts often become so full of pride for everyone else’s accomplishments and achievements, that when it comes to ourselves, we are left feeling selfish and even guilty for feeling self love and … dare I say PROUD.  

Let’s change that!

June is PRIDE month, and at Jane DO we are taking the entire month to whoop it up, celebrate our accomplishments, and take pride in who the F we are!  We will especially be celebrating the LGBTQ community, but want to remind ALL Janes, that now is the time to be you!!

Be proud of who you are.  

Be proud of how far you've come.

And be proud of how far you will continue to go!

In true Jane fashion, we want you to be proud of what you accomplish inside the studio, like lifting heavier weights than you ever have before, or being able to take double classes back to back, but we also want you to allow yourself to feel proud of all that you DO and all that you ARE outside of the studio too.

Thank you for being you…oh and by the way… PROUD OF YOU!

May your Days BEE Sunny & Bright

Get to know the owner and creator of Busy Bee Organics

We sat down with Busy Bee Organics creator Michelle Berckes, to get the scoop on all things health, eats, and being the owner of a busy business.  

What was the catalyst for you to start Busy Bee Organics and who is it for?

I created Busy Bee shortly after I moved to Jersey City 5 years ago and realized the lack of healthy options available.  At the time I was a private chef and the executive chef at a health food cafe in Morris County, NJ and wanted to bring a sampling of what I was doing there back here to my own community. I wanted to fill what I thought was the biggest hole in the market at the time with fully prepared health supportive cuisine. Busy Bee was created for the "Busy Bees" in our area. We customize meals so that anyone and everyone can order from us as little or as much as they like. We do not require a minimum and we do not require you to sign up for a subscription. This way you can order according to your schedule and dietary preference, no frills.

Why is eating healthy important to you and in turn why should it be important to us?

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 4.46.10 PM.png

Healthy eating or eating health-supportive foods is important to me for a pretty simple reason, I just feel better. As I became more aware of my body and how I was feeling and looking, I started to realize we are what we eat (and I did not want to be fast, cheap or easy)! Haha The word "healthy" itself is super subjective so my main goal is to get people to fall in love with eating more plants. You will see our menu is plant-forward but we create "healthy" food recipes that also taste awesome. Think Thai Peanut Spaghetti Squash or our Cheesy Chickpea Kale Salad.


There is a lot of conflicting information about what is "healthy", not to mention a million different diets.  What advice would you give to someone who felt totally overwhelmed by the idea of eating healthy?

It IS super overwhelming. Everyone has a different opinion of what healthy is and also what healthy looks like. Healthy is a state of mind as well as a lifestyle I suppose. You can eat "healthy" all day long but have negative self-talk and that is not healthy. Also, healthy for one person can be "xyz" and "abc" for someone else. I always look at things big picture and I think the only thing every "diet" or nutrition experts can agree on is...drumroll...PLANTS ARE GOOD! So eat them, and eat a lot of them. If you stick to a mainly whole food, plant forward diet, you will have more energy, better digestion, sleep, skin.. I mean the list goes on

Tell us a little something about your team.

My team is amazing. Im seriously so lucky. Everyone works together like a hardworking bee hive! (I can’t help myself with the bee puns) My sous chef, Ula is a talented self taught vegan chef who owns her own company, shout out "Ulala Foods." Our prep cooks Jackie, Teetee and Whitney work so hard to learn new techniques and they all help prep to create the dishes we all come up for your enjoyment. We all love working together and we all love what we do for "work." We have our own dedicated drivers for delivery, Lauren, Lynette Anthony and Kristine, I have a wonderful community manager, Carla, our head of nutrition and marketing Jamie and looking forward to adding new additions by next month for the farmers market and storefront (shout out to anyone looking for part time super fun and yummy work!).


Motivational MAY

By Cristin Van Horn, Edgewater Studio Manager

Hey Janes, we know that after all those April showers, you MAY be feeling hella motivated to hit your personal goals, so here is a list to help keep you DOing after the first few days of sunshine wears off.

#1: Join the G.I. Jane Challenge.

21 in 31 May Challenge...the best way to stay motivated is to stay moving.  Sign up to join our challenge in studio, so that you can help yourself and other Janes to KEEP GOING.

#2: Spring Clean your social media.  

Stay motivated in your head space too! Delete & unfollow accounts that make you feel less than or unmotivated.  *Insider tip* you don’t actually have to unfollow, but you can mute posts/stories!

#3: Find your Alter Ego.

Tap into your inner Sasha Fierce- whether it’s a mantra that you repeat each morning in the mirror, a self-care ritual, or a motivating song you play on your morning commute, manifest the most POWERFUL version of yourself each and every day.  Sometimes we don’t feel all that strong, but by putting on the costume, you can fake it till you make it!


Cue up your podcasts, download your e-books, and rev up your documentaries.  Knowledge is power, and one of the best ways to stay motivated at work or at home is to continue to learn!  Find motivation by learning from other BADA$$ES who’ve done it.

#5: Declutter your fridge & your gut.  

Get rid of all the crap you have in the back of your fridge that you don’t need (4 year old soy sauce much?) and while you’re at it now is the perfect time to get your gut in gear.  If you need help, Busy Bee Organics has got your back… or at least your belly. Meals full of fiber and veggies are the first step to happy poops, and everyone knows that happy poops = happy people.  

Miss Amazing X Jane DO

By Cristin Van Horn, Edgewater Studio Manager


At Jane DO we always say a woman’s strongest quality is her confidence, that strength comes from within, and that DOing AMAZING things is what earns you the right to wear your CROWN proudly. When she was only thirteen, our very own Jane, Jordan Somer, came up with a concept, that later gave birth to program for girls and women with disabilities, that couldn’t be closer to our Jane DO hearts.  


Miss Amazing is an organization that provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to test their boundaries, take on new challenges, and define themselves on their own terms, including redefining the standard of beauty.  Sounds f*cking cool right?!? Well it is, and this year Jane DO has teamed up with Miss Amazing to spread the love and celebrate women and girls who deserve to be seen and heard!

Miss Amazing uses pageantry as a mode to empower women and girls and celebrate their uniqueness and abilities.  This year, Jane DO is stepping in to lend a helping hand...or at least a helping dancing shoe. Dani and Jacey have dusted off their Rockette moves and choreographed the opening number for the Miss Amazing contestants to perform at the inaugural Miss Amazing pageant.  Watch out Radio City, there is a new show in town!

But we know that you guys want get involved too, so we have some things that you can DO to help Miss Amazing continue to be awesome!  

Community classes at jane do

Upcoming community classes will be donated to the Miss Amazing organization, so that they can continue to open doors of opportunity for women and girls with disabilities.  Check out our April and May class schedule for a community class coming to your home studio!

There is nothing plain about this AMAZING JANE!

These shirts, specifically designed for the Miss Amazing pageant, will have you rocking your Jane swag with a purpose!  TOGETHER let’s celebrate some AMAZING women and girls, and remind them to always wear their crown. Proceeds will go to the Miss Amazing Organization.


April Showers Got you Down?

April Showers Got You Down?

Don't worry we are showering you with GIFTS every Wednesday this month.  We get it, no one wants all these rainy day bad hair days, but lucky for you we are giving way some free sh*t this month.  Swag, Classes, and an amazing GRAND PRIZE (you better get ready for your close up!) are among the cool sh*t we will be giving to a few lucky Janes. Tune in to our instastory every week (on Wednesday!) to see how you can enter to win our weekly giveaway.

Here are some prize clues:


Jane's Book Club - Podcast Edition [Winter 2019]

By Cristin Van Horn, Edgewater Studio Manager

Hey Janes, whether you sit in bumper to bumper traffic on the turnpike everyday, stand on the subway for 30 mins, or carpool the kids everywhere, we are sure you have a few extra minutes that you could be using to step up your podcast game.  Here are a list of some of our favorite podcasts, in case your queue needs a little refresher.


1. Unladylike

This podcast is the perfect mix of feminist rage and rule breaking BADA$$es.  Tackling topics from How To Fill in Love with Herpes to How to Slay Sexism like a Professional, there is nothing off limits to this smart and sassy duo.


2. Dirty John

If you like a creepy who-done-it, this LA Times, true crime podcast is for you, and don’t just take our word for it, it was so popular it was turned into a mini series on Bravo.  You have it all; love, lies, and even murder...


3. She Did It Her Way

This full- time freelancer turned business owner shares her business strategies, productivity hacks, and all things entrepreneurial in this podcast.  She also interviews other ROCKSTAR women who have taken the leap and done things their way.


4. Guys We F****d

Ok so not suitable for carpooling the kids, but this podcast by two female comedians is worth the listen.  This self proclaimed anti slut shaming podcast will have you screaming hell yeah and laughing your a$$ off at the same time.


5. How I Built This with Guy Raz

Ever wanted to know how RXBar got started?  What about Wholefoods? Wonder no more, because NPRs How I Built This dives into the stories of how some of the most well known companies were built.

Tell her story!

By Cristin Van Horn, Edgewater Studio Manager

Making HERstory. March is Women’s History Month. So this month we are celebrating US. From the suffrage movement to the Women’s March on Washington, WE have been using our STRENGTH, our VOICE, and our POWER to DO amazing things and make the world a more KICKA$$ place. Let’s take this month to celebrate all the BADA$$ women who paved the way for our achievements, and for our fellow ROCKSTAR females who are currently playing their part in making HERstory.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

Hey ya know what sucks?  That women still aren’t making the same amount as men in the workforce. So, in honor of International Women’s Day, we will be discounting all of our in store merchandise.  On March 8th, all of our Jane DO gear will be 21% off. Take that gender wage gap!

Keep checking back on our instagram for the exclusive promo code!

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